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Value of Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association Membership

The Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association's mission is to promote services for speech, language, hearing, swallowing and related disorders in Nebraska; to encourage education and research activities; and to advocate for the rights of persons with communication disorders.

Read about the value of membership and NSLHA's successful advocacy efforts on behalf of its members.

Continuing Education

NSLHA provides continuing education, service, and research activities within the speech, language and hearing professions leading to further understanding of the processes of speech, language, and hearing and to the development of improved preventive and remedial services and procedures. Continuing education is offered through NSLHA conferences and workshops.


Legislative Issues

NSLHA advocates for the rights and interests of persons with communication disorders and promotes the individual and collective professional interests of the members of the association. As the voice for Nebraska audiology and speech-language pathology providers, NSLHA has the power and leverage to influence the issues that affect audiology and speech-language pathology services. NSLHA advocates for its members’ interests and strives to positively influence public policy efforts on behalf of members at the local, state and federal levels. Through NLSHA's lobbyist and the Legislative Affairs Committee’s work, NSLHA members are kept informed of legislative updates. Interpretation of how proposed legislative and regulatory changes will impact NLSHA members is provided.

NSLHA offers grassroots training to members on how to be proactive in addressing legislative issues that impact the speech-language pathology and audiology profession, and how to build relationships with lawmakers. Representatives testify on behalf of the NSLHA membership at state legislative committee hearings regarding issues that impact audiologists and speech-language pathologists in the state of Nebraska.

Regulatory Issues

NSLHA's Insurance and Reimbursement Committee works to address and resolve common concerns impacting the audiology and speech-language pathology industry, NSLHA members, and Nebraska Medicaid clients served by audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The committee identifies possible solutions and offers recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The committee works to gain a better understanding of Medicaid processes and requirements impacting audiologists and speehc-language pathologists and regularly discusses changes in regulations and processes that affect speech-language-hearing services and offers constructive comments to DHHS. This may include discussions about timely reimbursement of claims, the need to adjust fees in order to provide reimbursement for current costs of delivering services, and pre-authorization of services. The committee works diligently with Medicaid managed care organization representatives to resolve issues, with a focus on providing the best quality care and services possible to clients. Regulatory updates are provided to to the NSLHA membership, with ongoing opportunities for  members to communicate matters that need to be addressed by the committee.

Communications and Networking

Members are provided with timely and useful information regarding the most recent developments in audiology and speech-language pathology. The website is designed to be an effective tool for members to access and share current and relevant information for the profession.

Members can also share ideas, best practices and solutions to challenges that impact their agencies or businesses through social media via NSLHA Connects (Facebook group) and the NSLHA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

NSLHA alerts members when regulatory or legislative issues arise and provide interpretation of how proposed changes will impact you and your clients. Members also receive regular email updates and action alerts as issues arise that impact the speech-language-hearing profession.

Community Outreach and Public Relations Activities about Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Services

NSLHA members participate in consumer awareness activities such as:

  • Providing speakers for organizations, groups or businesses that are interested in learning more about speech-language-hearing services.
  • Assistance in locating speech-language-hearing providers in your area.
  • Information regarding speech-language-hearing questions, complaints or concerns.
  • Fundraising activities to benefit research related to speech-language-hearing disorders and practices.
  • Community outreach and service projects conducted by speech-language pathologists and audiologists in their local communities such as food and toy drives.